Starting an organization is not merely a journey; it’s an exhilarating adventure, a tale of passionate individuals coming together to positively impact their community and beyond. Buckle up because we’re about to embark on a thrilling narrative about the inception of Shivalli Kutumba of North America. This non-profit promises to make a difference and leave an indelible mark on our community.

Shivalli Kutumba North America is deeply committed to uniting the South Canara Vipra community in the United States. We have drawn inspiration from the deep nostalgia that ensued after distancing ourselves from the warmth of parents’ love, siblings’ squabbles, and the joyous frenzy of cherished cultural celebrations. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic cranked up our yearnings further, seeking ways to bridge the gap with our friends and family, during the restrictive lockdown period.

Inspiration ignites when a group of dedicated souls hatch an idea that resonates with their hearts. It’s that eureka moment when they realize they have the power to change lives, uplift communities, and champion noble causes. Prashanth Mattu and Santhosh Goli, the dynamic duo from Detroit, began to explore the concept of creating a social network to bring our community together. Nagari Achar (Ranganna) proved to be an invaluable mentor who significantly influenced the initial stages of the journey, bringing a wealth of experience to impart wisdom and inspire, motivate, and effectively guide us. Rohith, a media and web whiz, helped navigate the technology challenges of the COVID era with his expertise. 

During this journey, Shri Jayaprasad Acharya, the esteemed priest at Atlanta’s Shri Krishna Vrundavana Mutt, became a guiding light by igniting a passion for preserving our cultural traditions, especially for the benefit of our younger generation. As our mission gained momentum, individuals from various parts of Michigan began to join a WhatsApp group supporting our cause. 

As the adventure continued, Dr. Padubidri Chandrashekar, affectionately known as Annu Anna, and his spouse, Kanthi Chandrashekar, proposed a transformative idea of creating an official organization for long-term sustainability. With a lot of passion and extensive brainstorming, Ranganna, Santhosh, Rohith, and Prashanth discussed the idea of establishing a non-profit organization and with Kanthi Chandrashekar in their corner, formed a small committee of five members. Their goal was to reach out to like-minded individuals across the US to create a national non-profit organization representing Vipras with ancestral roots in the former South Canara region of Karnataka, India.

Imagine a world where people unite under a common banner driven by a shared purpose. A non-profit organization is like a magnet, attracting those who yearn to bring about change, harness their skills, and transform society. It’s a beacon of hope in a sometimes bleak world, where even minor acts can snowball into monumental change. 

The team got wind of a treasure trove of knowledge on establishing non-profit organizations in the heart of Chicago – the one and only Shreesha Jayaseetharam, also known as Shreeshanna. It’s all thanks to Vani Venkatesh, who introduced him to the team. Consequently, Prashanth and Santhosh reached out to Shreeshanna in December 2020 and expressed their vision and desire to unite our community. After challenging the team with a series of thought-provoking questions, Shreeshanna joined the cause. He recommended creating a working committee of 11 members with representatives from multiple cities across North America to create the organization’s charter and bylaws. Shreeshanna, with a wealth of experience in community service, played a pivotal role in shaping Kutumba’s journey from its very inception to its establishment.

The birth of a non-profit is not a solitary endeavor; it’s a symphony of like-minded individuals, each bringing their unique skills, experiences, and passions to the table. Picture the excitement of diverse talents converging, brainstorming, and building the foundation for something extraordinary. This all-star committee, with members scattered across the continent, met virtually thrice weekly for three months. The committee consisted of members hailing from different parts of North America. 

  • From Michigan: Prashanth Mattu, Santhosh Goli, Rohith Vijaya, Nagari Achar 
  • From Illinois: Shreesha Jayaseetharam, 
  • From Canada: Srinivas Mattu 
  • From Minnesota : Vallabha Tantry
  •  From Kentucky: Kanthi Chandrashekar
  • From Ohio: Dr. Chethana K 
  • From Georgia: Suparna P 
  • From New Jersey: Hariprasad Kumbashi

They laid the groundwork for something big, and they knew it. Establishing a non-profit organization is not just about making a difference; it’s about writing a story that will inspire future generations. It’s about lighting a torch to guide others toward a brighter, more compassionate future. They pursued the organization’s fundamental objectives to unite our community and instill cultural values. The organization now stands firmly on a rock-solid foundation of the organization’s constitution and bylaws. 

 So, on the auspicious Ugadi day in April 2021, the mission to create the network intending to nurture our tradition and culture was formally inaugurated. Prashanth took the reins as President, Santhosh was the Vice President, and Shreesh Anna became Chairman of the Board. The remaining founding members donned their superhero capes and took on various board and executive committee roles.  

Every step in this journey, from the initial idea to the meticulous paperwork and the passionate pitches for support, is like a chapter in a riveting novel. It’s a testament to resilience, collaboration, and the unwavering belief that change is possible. Furthermore, our founding members undertook a strategic outreach initiative by liaising with community leaders across multiple cities. Their objective was twofold: to identify suitable candidates to occupy the remaining positions within the executive committee and to source prospective individuals to assume the pivotal role of chapter president. This systematic approach ensured a well-structured and proficient selection process to bolster our organization’s leadership team. In this story, the heroes are real, the challenges are formidable, and the rewards are beyond your wildest dreams.

Utilizing Zoom for connection, invitation, and involvement cultivated a collective sense of unity among all extended family attending, who appreciated the founding member’s approach. Our primary goal was to unite the Vipra community with roots in South Canara and residing in North America. The rest became history as the growth witnessed a significant spike, attributed to our approach and consistent communication about the organization’s plans to involve, engage, and encourage members.

The remarkable work of the founding members, executive committee members, chapter presidents, and several others has been instrumental in our success, and we are genuinely thankful for their pivotal role in shaping this journey. We want to express our profound appreciation and gratitude for our founding members’ unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions.

Today, our organization fulfills the critical objectives defined in the bylaws, transcends personal benefits, and aspires to nurture and offer substantial advantages to all VIPRA families living in North America with roots in the former South Canara region. We encourage you to introduce all your relatives living in North America to this great organization – Shivalli Kutumba of North America.

Shivalli Kutumba – Connecting Roots and Building Relationships.