Registration Criteria: 

1.The Matrimonial service is only for PAID KUTUMBA members, the registering Kutumba member should know the bride/groom.
2. KUTUMBA members may submit own profile, or their immediate family member or any relative who may or may not be residing in North America.
3. KUTUMBA member should submit the profiles of ONLY VIPRA community with ancestral roots in the former South Canara region of Karnataka state (coastal Karnataka).
4. KUTUMBA Matrimonial of North America is intended for the North American brides/grooms to find their partners within the community, hence, the bride/groom should either be residing in North America or intending to relocate to North America.
5. To respect the privacy of all parties, the KUTUMBA mandates and requires that the profiles are not to be shared outside the Kutumba without prior permission from concerned parties.
6. Authorized person phone should be installed with Telegram and registered with his/her phone no.
7. For general FAQ’s please visit here and for all other queries, please contact [email protected]

There are 3 steps involved here as mentioned in the below steps
1. Registration
2. Share Requested Profile


Step 1 : Registration

  • User completes Registration .
  • Bride/Groom returns the consent over email.
  • Verification from Kutumba Admin team.
  • Generation of Unique Id for each bride/groom by Kutumba Admin.
  • User and the “basic” Profile of bride/groom with ID numbers will be added to the “Shivalli Kutumba NA Matrimonial” telegram group.
  • The “Authorized person” should join Telegram services, Kutumba matrimonial admin will add the person to our “Shivalli Kutumba NA Matrimonial” group. Then the person (only this person) will be able to search all other registered profiles. This is an access restricted private group containing matrimonial profiles only.

Step 2 : Share Requested Profile

  • User chooses suitable Profile IDs and sends them to the Admin email [email protected]. If you need help on searching, please refer this link
  • Photos and Jataka (if available) of the requested Profile Ids will be shared with user along with the contact information. From this point on .

Liability Disclaimer

The Shivalli Kutumba of North America (The Kutumba) is a voluntary non-profit organization. The Kutumba functions merely as a link to bring potential suitors together. While the Kutumba makes every effort to ensure privacy and security of the Personal Data of the profiles, the Kutumba disclaims any responsibility or legal liability to the users for transgressions, infractions, violations or any other incidental or consequential damages, relating to the providing of the data or the use of it.