The Charity committee provides socially responsible services by organizing and overseeing initiatives that give back to the community.

Charity Committee Members

Santhosh Raghupathy


Rohit Kudrathaya

Sripradha Kalavar

Umashankar Kadambar

The cultural committee organizes cultural activities for national-level events and conventions.

Cultural Committee Members

Sandesh Bhargav


Megha Rao

Lekshmi Puranik

Yeshaswi Srhivarma

Shravani Samaga

Gurunadhan Renjal

Rachana Rao

Shalini Bhat

The Dharmika committee nurtures and facilitates various spiritual practices, including Bhajane, Shloka, Veda/Geetha, and Pravachana.

Dharmika Committee Members

Gurumoorthy Ramachandra


Sanjay Rao

Subha Rao

Ramya Bhat

Vani Rao

Educational committee enhances learning and development by planning and overseeing educational programs and initiatives within an organization.

Educational Committee Members

Asha Adiga Acharya



Anurada Adiga

Vidya Bhat

Balsubramanya Rao

Hiriyara Chavadi provides a platform for celebrating and connecting with our Kutumba Hiriyarus, their life stories and experiences. The larger Shivalli community has much to learn from their life experiences to sustain our heritage that have been passed down through generations. Additionally, we bring scheduled programming for the physical and mental well-being of Kutumba community.

Hiriyara Chavadi Members

Sudhakar Mattu


Kala Rakesh

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf, inspiring others to find joy in the simple moments.” — Rabindranath Tagore

At the Publication Committee, we are dedicated to bringing out ‘Shivalli Kutumba Vipravaani’ on a quarterly basis. Our mission is to provide a platform for our Kutumba members to express their thoughts and creativity through words, art, photography, and more. We strive to ensure that our content not only reflects the diverse talents and perspectives within our community but also inspires and uplifts others.

Through our magazine, we hope to spark inspiration, encouraging members to share their own stories and pursue their goals by drawing motivation from the achievements and experiences of others. We cater to all age groups, fostering a sense of belonging and unity that embodies the true spirit of our Kutumba.

Join us in celebrating and nurturing our collective creativity, as we inspire and support each other on our life paths.

Magazines link

Publication Committee Members

Ramamoorthy Makkithaya


Shreevidya Prashanth


Balakrishnan Nagaraja

Venkatesh Acharya

Yuva Vedike (Youth) committee engages young members by organizing activities, fostering leadership skills, and promoting their active participation in organizational initiatives.

Yuva Vedike Members

Vallabha Tantry


Aishwarya Rao

Vijay Mavanji

Raghu Thantri

Shachi Kumar

ADHOC Committees

Bylaws committee is responsible for drafting, reviewing, and updating the organization’s bylaws to ensure effective governance and compliance with legal standards.

Bylaws Committee Members

Shrisha Jaiseethram

Prasanth Mattu

Vallabha Tantry

S V Acharya

Santhosh Goli

Election committee oversees the electoral process, ensuring fair and transparent elections by managing candidate nominations, voting procedures, and vote counting.

Election Committee Members

Anil Bhat


Shashikanth Bhat

Bhavana Bhat

Matrimonial service is available for Kutumba members residing in USA and Canada . Please click here to register.

Matrimonial Committee Members

Ravi Upadhya


Vani Venkatesh

Amitha Mattu

Media and IT committee manages the organization’s digital presence and technology infrastructure, overseeing communication strategies, social media, website management, and IT support.

Media & IT Committee Members

Rohit Vijaya


Shruthi Beedu

Pavan Rao

Deepa Bhat

Wellness committee promotes member health and well-being by organizing programs and initiatives that encourage a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Committee Members

Amritha Bhat

Guuthami Guruprasad

Pooja Rau

Vani Venkatesh

Venkatesh Acharya

Rashmi Shyam