Dear Kutumba Members, we are pleased to announce the successful registration of Shivalli Kutumba as non-profit* association to the USA.
We are now able to accept payments for patronized memberships , you can supply the group activities by choosing the membership tier of your choice.

Kutumba is providing a special offer for new membership !!. All new memberships enrolled on or after 01Jan2023 will be considered as having a start date 01May2023, with bonus membership benefits extended for the period 01Jan2023 to 30April2023. In other words 4 months of membership is offered free. Members are encouraged to take advantage of this offer to be able to buy discounted member tickets for Sammilana 2023 event.

Membership Types

Term Life Membership(Valid for 10 years)

Grand Patron 1000
Family 225
* PayPal Payment includes Service fees(Only for USA) | * Single – If you are married, please do not choose this option

Annual Membership(May 1st – April 30th)

*Single 10
*Student 5
* PayPal Payment includes Service fees(Only for USA) | * Single/Student – If you are married, please do not choose this option

USA Members

Canada Members

**All members are consent to the Kutumba by laws posted in the Kutumba website constitution.

*Please mention membership type in comments.
*No changes for the existing LIFE TIME members who are registered before 03/14/2022.
*Add a spouse name and details in memo/details section while transferring.
*DCU Members can use people pay service(Use email option) to submit payments.
*If your account is enrolled to your Zelle App(USA Members) with a debit card, Zelle payment may not work. In this scenario please use alternative payment option.
*If the new member pays the annual fees in March and April month,
membership applies to the current year and the next year.
*Term membership starts from the beginning of Kutumba calendar year.*